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Dock Kings Floating Pontoon Docks

Dock Kings is a family-owned professional floating dock builder that provides state of the art dock builds for residential and commercial customers. We build and design docks that fulfill the needs of all waterfront owners. We do not have different dock designs, as we have chosen to build only one type – the “Ultimate Heavy Duty Pontoon Dock”. Different sizes and decking are available though, but the main components providing the structural strength are the same for all.  We supply docks that will last in any environment located in the Georgian Bay Area, including Parry Sound, Muskoka, and Halliburton. Our main warehouse is located in Parry Sound, Ontario, on the shores of Georgian Bay. Dock Kings and King Industries Inc. have over 20 years of experience and over 4000 docks and lifts installed.

Using forward thinking, Dock Kings pontoon docks, represent the latest advances in both material and manufacturing techniques for constructing our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floating Pontoon Docks. We believe our dock products are the highest quality floating docks available, at the most competitive prices.

Our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pontoons are made from stress relieved resin to prevent fatigue, brittleness & cracking. High tensile strength, Chemical and Animal Resistant, not susceptible to breakdown due to UV light exposure, and will not rot, corrode nor support biological growth. It is structurally designed to withstand impact, especially in cold weather installations, when other floating docks are prone to cracking and breakage. Freezing our system in the ice will not damage our floating docks built with our pontoons. These advanced features make it the ideal material of choice for floating docks in any environment.

All Dock Kings docks use 18" diameter with 5/8" thick solid wall pontoons, with a smooth external surface, this creates a lower centre of gravity & better stability in rough conditions. All docking systems are built using our patented custom made welded HDPE Support and Cross braces, used for the substructure, wood decking, accessories and skirt.

HDPE Pontoons have a very high strength to weight ratio, which makes them it easier to transport and install.

Naturally positively buoyant, virtually unsinkable, Dock Kings pontoon floats will continue to float even when full of water.

A Dock King Floating Pontoon dock is a long-term investment that will continue to pay for itself. The Plastics Pipe Institute estimates the service life of our Floating Pontoon Docks (HDPE pontoons) to conservatively be 50-100 years.

Decking Surface Choices

  • 1. Western Red Cedar
  • 2. Eastern White Cedar
  • 3. Pressure Treated Lumber (Cedartone Classic)
  • 4. HDPE Plastic Wood
  • 5. Composite Material

Any dock can be custom designed and constructed to fit any of your requirements. We supply floating pontoons with or without services (electrical, water, cable, telephone), and docks for Municipalities, mining companies, complete marinas, boat dock and walkways, fish pens, work platforms, seaplane docks, aqua culture, floating rafts and more.



  • 1. Our wood preference - Western Red Cedar is the best decking available for floating docks.
  • 2. 18" HDPE pontoons with 5/8" wall thickness.
  • 3. Welded patented brackets that stringers mount to, providing extreme stability.
  • 4. HDPE pontoons do not corrode like steel in water
  • 5. Double outer skirt - Very esthetic and hides the pontoons.
  • 6. We only use 1/2" galvanized carriage bolts throughout.
  • 7. Hidden deck screws for all decking. No viewing screws or nails on the deck and no cupping of the deck boards.
  • 8. Individual lengths of 50' and to any width.
  • 9. A 25 year Limited Lifetime Warranty on pontoons.
  • 10. Free Site Visits to determine your exact requirements no guess work over the phone.
  • 11. A company that believes customer service is its number one priority.
  • 12. PRICE MATCHING - Therfore receive the BEST system, for the BEST price, and the BEST customer service available.